03/16/17 - posted by Dale Allen
I went to Freddie Burke up to 6th grade (1962). My favorite teacher was Ms.Sun (2nd grade). We grew corn in our garden, then harvested it, ground it up and each of us had a burrito. We could always tell when we were going to have an earthquake because the seagulls on the playground would all fly up at the same time just before it hit. One earthquake caused part of the road on Lake Merced to break off and fall into the lake. Iremember that there was a treasure hunt sponsored by a newspaper across the road from Park Merced. Our major fun was at the Rec. across the street from school. Ed Tomasello ran the park. I played football, baseball and tennis there. The school had a festival every year, and the gold fish that I won all died a few days later at home. Our teachers would take our class over to the auditorium at the college and we could listen to the orchestra playing classical music (I love classical music to this day because of those trips). Freddie Burke was a great school and I loved growing up in Park Merced.
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