10/12/05 - posted by Candis Smyk Hurlbut
After I moved to SF, hopscotch was different: whatever was thrown in was a "tar" (that's how it sounded to me), not a heel. Back when I was a small child on the East Coast, we used a heel from a shoe; when we took shoes in to be repaired we would beg for the worn out rubber heel so we would be able to use it for hopscotch. The first time I played, I assumed I would not be included, since I did not have an old rubber shoe heel handy. (I don't blame my mother for not letting me pack one for the cross country move.) Much to my surprise, I learned West Coast (at least, in SF) children had never heard of using old heels; they used pebbles, keys, or other little objects! It sure made unplanned games easy! There were also some other (minor) differences in the rules. Anyway, all games may be universal, but the rules are not...
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