10/09/05 - posted by Rosie
Hi The O'Leary that we played was a girl game. One bounced the ball doing all sorts of tricks. There was no wall involved. As we bounced the ball we put either one or both legs over the ball saying 1-2-3 up to 10 o'Leary. There were other tricks too. One was cherries in the basket. The skirt edge was held in the hand while the ball was bounced between the space provided. I have not found many Seniors who ever heard of this game. We took turns until we missed and sent the ball rolling,
Discarded golf balls worked the best although any medium size ball will do. As for the chant Olee Olson free it stod for all's in free when 'It' had to quit and called Hide and Seekers out of hideing. I think oxen free was from some other area We in S.F.always said olsen free.
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