Re: A chance to help preserve Playland's memories!

12/07/03 - posted by Dan Fontes

A wonderful project called "Playland NOT-at-the-Beach" in El Cerrito California (across the bay perhaps 20 miles from San Francisco) has dedicated itself to creating a museum which preserves the old San Francisco Playland-at-the-Beach.

Visit to find out more information.

But more to the point, this new non-profit museum, run by a great guy named Richard Tuck, needs our help now. The original Laughing Sal as well as a truckload of other Playland memorabilia from a private estate is being sold at auction over the next few months. We have a chance to preserve the items and keep them together as a group for our collective public appriciation, (instead of being split up or held in a private home somewhere).

The great true life stories shared here are a tribute to that lasting legacy and importance of SF's once great amusement park. Please consider making a donation to the new Playland in El Cerrito. Again, visit the website for more information. Thank you again for all the wonderful stories!!!


Dan Fontes
Oakland, CA

The Western Neighborhoods Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.