04/22/06 - posted by Frank Grant

Wow,Kenn, the mere mention of that man who would wander up and down Market Street taking photos of folks really brings back memories! He took my picture on March 2, 1946 and I have the photo in front of me right now to prove it. That was the day after I was discharged from the Army Air Corps, shortly after the end of World War 2. I was wearing civilian clothes for the first time after several years and I was wearing my old saddle shoes from high school days and a leisure jacket, and it felt great.

He wore that cap, as you described, and with a large camera setup strapped to his chest. He was a rather large man with a round face. If he looked the same today as he did in that bygone era, I would recognize him in an instant. Since he was much older than I was at that time, he has probably gone to his final reward.

Here is why I remember him so well: He short-changed me. I confronted him with that, and he reluctantly gave me the correct change. I do not know if it was an honest mistake or not, but at least we settled it peacefully.

In answer to that question of when Schlitzy held forth out at Playland at the Beach, my best guess is that it was probably in mid to late 1930s.

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