04/23/06 - posted by Gloria
Well while working at the Emporium for 7 1/2 years, I saw many street people. We had a man who was referred to as Esclator Charlie....he roder the escalader all day and usually went to the men's room on the 4th floor to wash his hands.......he always had his head down to avoid eye contact with anyone!
Also a man with a white beard, dressed in a suit carrying books and he was referred to as the Professor. I think that my colleagues in the Sporting Goods Department named these guys and the names stuck as long as I was working there....
An African American woman would sleep in the festibule of the old Penny's building on 5th and Market and she would dismantle the tile on the floor of the festibule. I would see her progress from the street car as we went by and that was my stop.
There was woman who had lots of cats that she fed on the street.
The folks who stayed at the Pickwick Hotel were very strange....sometimes I would eat at Freddy's Hofbrau and we would see them just sitting in the lobby.
We also had the market behind the store and the regulars were a sight to behold.
I can't even imagine the amount of home movies that I was in because I rode the street car daily in high school to work at Metropolitian Life Insurance Company in my senior year of high school....If I got to work by 12:30 p.m., I would get to eat the free lunch that was served..........I worked from 1-5 and made $25.00 a week!
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