04/24/06 - posted by jb
Hi Cathy,

We would vacation there from 1955-61 and I remember it like it was yesterday. My dad taught me to shoot pool in the lobby of the Sonoma Mission Inn and I'd like to have a nickle for every "green river" soda I knocked back at the foutain up the street. I do recall my tastes becoming more sophisticated one Summer as I imbibed my first iced tea at the grill across from the cold pool. Gravity has never been kind to me so I remember when the roller rink would transform into a dance hall on Saturday nights and everyone from 8 months to 80 would gather and rock instead of roll. I remember the outrage when some kids started doing the twist. Seems most partents were sounding like I do now, about the precipitous decline of our younger generation.

While it was a kids paradise, it seemed like hell for the adults. I could never understand the allure of sitting in a pool of hot water or worse, going into a room that had steam coming up through the floors like Dante's inferno, and then going out to some grassy area, lie on a blanket and read the paper or some thick yukky old book in the sun...and now, I get a feeling in my bones that maybe our folks were really onto something.
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