06/21/09 - posted by Sitton
I was enjoying the stories on Market St. Characters.
When I was little in the 40's and early 50's I remember going downtown with my mother. She would be dressed properly in a suit with a big brim hat and gloves. I remember wearing a felt bonnet.and little girl's dress. I can't figure out why she would want to go downtown on a Saturday after having worked there all week! As per Frank, I have a picture of the two of us walking down the street when our picture was taken.
Who knows, maybe Frank and I had our pictures taken on the same day! I don't remember much about a man with no legs on a wooden platform with wheels except that I remember him wearing a tweed suit, and I can see pencils laid out flat to see. I know that we sometimes bought pencils from him.
I don't believe anyone mentioned the bible thumpers preaching in Union Square. If I heard them, I avoided the area. There were also men who walked down Market talking to themselves at a quick pace, and perhaps punching the air.
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