04/20/06 - posted by Frank Grant
Yes, I remember many of them. In the 1950s, I remember the former boxer punching his way down the side walk on Market Street. He was very scary on seeing him for the first time. On seeing him so often, I just moved in the other direction.

Also I remember seeing "the little people." They had a little wooden shack which they built on the north side of Market Street from which they sold newspapers. This they no longer allow.

As a teenager delivering parcel post for the Post Office during the Christmas rush in 1942, I had occasion to deliver a parcel to the residence of "the little people." They lived in an apartment on Frederick Street right behind Polytechnic High School. They invited me in to see their place. Their residence was full of children's furniture, and a large mirror which sat on the floor and it was tilted out at the top to be practical for them. Also, I recall seeing a large platform built up in front of the sink, the stove, and the rest of the counter. They knew this would be something that I would not normally see. They treated me with a great amount of courtesy.

In the 1930s, I remember seeing a man without legs, just a torso, sitting on a wooden platform with wheels, in front of The Emporium. Every time I would pass by I would see him selling English Lavender. I am not sure if he is the same one so many of you have seen, but I will never forget him. As a youngster, my assumption was that he lost his legs in World War 1.
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