04/21/06 - posted by John Martini
While I was growing up in foggy Daly City in the 1950s my two cousins lived in warm Marin County. I envied much about their lives but not their haircuts, since at the start of every summer they got their heads shaved nearly bald in preparation for the upcoming heat waves -- a hair style their dad (a native of the city) always called a "Schlitzy."

Until I read the preceding posting I was totally unaware of its association with a Playland character, thinking instead it was a just another nickname for a buzz cut. (I've used the phrase for years and always wondered why people in other parts of the country looked at me quizzically.) Now I know that "Schlitzy" is another bit of our unique SF lingo.

Thanks for the posting, Frank. Yours is great example of why I read this board a couple of times a week!

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