05/11/06 - posted by jb
As I sat in a Carl's Jr, holding up a horde of hungry soccer moms, rug rats and Cal-Trans workers, I was dumbfounded by the choices of combo-meals to the point where I grabbed an iced tea and ran to the nearest exit. Ruminating as to why lunch had suddendly become so complicated, I flashed back to a Summer day in 1970 when a buddy took me to a corner market somewhere near the Legion of Honor and Sea Clff run by "the Little Woman." No muss, no fuss and seemingly no choice, I think her "piece de resistance" was a poor boy for fifty cents and the "combo" was a coke and pack of twinkies. She ran the place all by herself and seemed to have a going concern at the time. We grabbed our gourmet bags of bolonga and baguettes, laced with velveeta and a provocative sauce of mayonaise and mustard, and dined al fresco at Baker's Beach with a couple of Miller's High Lifes. Surely, this was meal Plato enjoyed on the shadowed wall of his cave, while appreciating the irony of Cal-Trans workers being delayed during their break...call it just desserts. Anyone else remember this grand-tier epitomical bisto and the "Little Woman" who ran it? She's the one who should have had a son...not Carl!
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