08/09/06 - posted by John Lincoln
Glad I didn't see that happening, especially to the site of Fr. Spohn's lab; learned a lot there. I suppose that my uncle felt the same way when SI's second location on Hayes St., known as "the Barn" was torn down. I was never in one of Mr. Murphy's math classes, though. Did have notable teachers like Mr. Corwin, Fr. McKee, Fr. Pallas, Mr. Koch, Fr. Leonard, etc. I've always wondered how the new buildings in the Sunset would fare in a sizeable earthquake. I was in Fr. McKee's class when the building rattled a little bit around 10:30 prior to the Mar. 1957 earthquake. We told Fr. McKee it was a small earthquake but he would not buy it. About an hour later, the building became and E-ticket ride for about 30 seconds. Fr. McKee was reported to be the first one to bail out of the building, far ahead of anyone else and Fr. McKee was no spring chicken even then. Damage was limited to one loose light cover on the first floor; this was before the fluorescent tubes were installed in the hallways. Nothing was broken even in the physics and chem labs.

-John '58
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