08/09/06 - posted by Will
Dad (S.I '24) referred to the S.I. on Hayes St. as the Shirt Factory.
Corwin was a character. My uncle was in the Air Corps during WWII used to frequent a bar in Cairo named Groppey's(sp?). The American and British servicemen who used to loiter in the place were known as Groppey's Grenadiers. One day in 1958,after hearing numerous stories from Mr. Corwin about his wartime years in Egypt, just as he came into class, my brother stood up and asked:"Mr., were you one of Groppey's Grenadiers?"
My brother said Corwin was so startled to hear that moniker from someone who was an infant at the time, that he stopped so fast he left a skidmark. He turned and, in his best boston accent, said: "Where did you hear that?"
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