05/12/06 - posted by jb
Wow, Paul. You are so right about young people needing to embrace the time they are in and the luxury of youth. While waiting for the plumber, I just watched "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and I think the last time I saw this was at the Parkside Theater for 3 7-up caps and a dime (although it might have been "The Creature that Walks Among Us") Roll this matinee horror film next to "Jaws" and you will see where Spielberg got his inspiration and at what cost. The pace on this old B movie classic is delightfully slow and the charactitures and special effects are comical and yet, it still gave us the same thrills and nightmares as it's great grandchildren, Jason, Freddy and Pinhead. How does this relate to Western neighborhoods? I sometimes feel we meander here with a longing and lookout for these slower moments in the time continuum, so vividly painted in each posting. Those who live by the ocean seem to possess a less linear sense of time and thus appreciate the ebbs and flows with the landmarks of the old neighborhoods serving as touchstones to times that were easier to comprehend because they moved slow enough to embrace. Perhaps kids today need to spend more time near the ocean...or at least take a few laps in the Black Lagoon.
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