04/29/14 - posted by Paul Judge
Gary D,

I'm curious to learn what years you were a customer of hers. Were you attending school or working in the neighborhood?

This photo of her storefront by Dennis O'Rorke circulates on other weblogs w/o giving him photo credit: http://www.outsidelands.org/images/LM-1c_1.jpg

Dennis O'Rorke reports: "The Little Woman was from Tahiti. I really liked her. My friend Jay and I took advantage of her in a certain respectful respect. If we kept her talking about Tahiti, she would keep piling up our sandwiches to an impressive degree. We ordered bologna on wonder bread white with lettuce and lots of mayonnaise. They were great."
Another pal from school W.S. who surfed Kelly's Cove and retired from the SFFDi is told to have made fast conversational friends with her after his return from Tahiti.

The Little Woman Market pops up on the, "I grew up in San Francisco's Richmond district, ca. 1950 - 1975" Facebook site. It gets a lengthy list of comments & memories.

Also posted on it is this fascinating photo of the LIttle Woman sitting in the store doorway. Somewhere I have notes about the newspaper headline (thus the date of the photo) but I can't locate them at the moment:
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