01/17/22 - posted by Paul Judge
A real gem of a photograph of the “Little Woman” as a young woman has been posted on the “I grew up in San Francisco’s Richmond District, ca. 1950-1975”. That Facebook site is administered by John Grant and Sam Gilbert. Debi Clark and Mary DiMambro account for the photo gifted to them by the Little Woman when they stopped by her sandwich shop on a return visit to San Francisco some decades ago.
The timing and tone must have been right for them. Known for her testy moods the 'Little Woman' presented them with very personal photo of herself as a young woman living in Tahiti. In the exchange they were asked to autograph the ‘Little Woman’s' apron filled with signatures from past customers. The comments the photograph prompts from readers are similar to those posted in this eighteen year old thread. Here's the link to photo on that Facebook page.

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