05/13/06 - posted by Ken Englund
On some Saturdays, the Parkside theatre would present "20 Cartoons" and toss in a bonus feature "Ma & Pa Kettle." Flinging our flattened popcorn boxes at the screen was our interpretation of "audience participation." On a Saturday c.1963, I noticed a line of young girls lined up at the Parkside box office. I knew one girl so I asked her what she was going to see. She said, "The Beatles!" The Parkside had arranged for some type of closed-circuit live show. Any WNP'ers see this show? jb, many of us miss those great science fiction & monster movies of the 50's and 60's! As youngsters in those decades, it was our unsophistication that allowed us to be so easily thrilled by that Creature from The Black Lagoon. Because Hollywood believes audiences' appetites crave ever-larger doses of shock, special effects & sex, we were served Brooke Shields in 1980's "The Blue Lagoon." But even that pseudo-skinflick will seem innocent when the moviemakers roll out "Brokeback Lagoon."
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