05/13/06 - posted by jb
Well, Ken, I never caught the Beatles at the Parkside but I did have to suffer my older sister and her 3 girlfriends crying during Elvis' first movie at the El Rey or Empire (but I think it was the El Rey) in 1956. It was repulsive and if I had been small enough to crawl under the seat, I would have clung to the floor like an old milk dud.

Fast forward to April 2006, and as Shortcake marches down the isle, my buddy Danny is playing and singing...you guessed it..."Love me Tender." Since 1970, I always wanted an Elvis wedding and this was the best deal I could cut. No surprise...several women begin to cry but to my dismay, none of my old running mates tosses a popcorn box or plays along on an empty box of black crows. Was there ever anything better than a Saturday matinee?

As for "Brokeback Lagoon"...a bit urbane for this cowboy but thanks for the heads up. I'll be drinking upstream till the water clears. Now why is Dr. Zarkov eyeing Dale while holding that model rocket...to be continued next week and coming to a theater near you...maybe the El Rey.
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