05/16/06 - posted by John Martini
We had one of those "little woman" markets across from St. Ignatius back when the school was still on Stanyan Street, except ours was run by a pair of "little women" who did yeoman work handling the flood of SI students who headed there several times a day.

I even took photos of "The Store" (as we simply called it), its offerings, and the two wonderful women who ran it. I've posted the photos on-line:

The Store http://i.pbase.com/o4/47/359047/1/60286162.TheStore.jpg

The Women: http://i.pbase.com/o4/47/359047/1/60286084.SIstoreladies1969.jpg

The Menu: http://i.pbase.com/o4/47/359047/1/60286090.SIstoremenu1969.jpg

These were taken for an issue of the school paper in 1969, and were originally part of a photo essay on the soon-to-be-closed school called "Farewell to Stanyan Street." I especially love the warning sign behind the counter stating: "Father Hyde assures us anyone carrying soda bottles away from the front of the store will be immediatly suspended."

Imagine having THAT criminal notation on your permanent record!
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