05/17/06 - posted by Will
When I was at S.I., or "Stignatius, as Dad made afffectionate reference, The Store was run by Mrs. Gillin whose son was in my class ('61).
The smoking rule was that you couln't light up within 5 blocks of the school.
Guys used to smoke in front of the store while getting a snack after school, but I never took the chance as being suspended from S.I. was no joke. It involved a difficult assignment which had to be completed before you could return to class and each missed class hour had to be made up double in "Jug", staying after school. The older brother of a friend of mine had to memorize 100 lines of poety before he could return. Another guy had to write out a 101 page story from and English book. The Jesuits took no prisoners.
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