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Wow...101 page story and poetry...sounds more effective than Wellbutrin and the patch and enough to turn any coke-guzzling, nicoteine fiend into a "cherry" ::: below is the current SI dress code from their website...is the school now co-ed or are we talking kilts here?

. Dress Code
Personal Appearance

It is the responsibility of the parents to see that their student leaves home properly dressed and groomed for school and school-sponsored activities. The enforcement of dress and grooming standards are the responsibility of the faculty supported by the Deans’ Office. Students are expected to be clean and neat in their personal grooming, observing the standards of modesty, moderation, and good taste. Extraordinary attire that disrupts due order and decorum within the classroom is prohibited. The Deans have the authority to call a student’s parents to pick up a student who is improperly dressed or have the parent bring appropriate clothes to the Deans’ Office. The periods missed until the student is appropriately dressed will be considered unexcused absences; the student will not be allowed to make up any missed homework, tests, or in-class assignments. Offenders of the dress code will be given after-school detention. A total of three detentions in a school year will result in a Technical Suspension of one day, at which time the student will report to the Deans’ Office and write a reflection paper. The absence is “unexcused” and the periods missed will be made up in after-school detention. Subsequent detentions for dress code violations may result in suspension and disciplinary probation. The Administration reserves the right to make individual determinations affecting dress code policy.

Students' Dress Code

Shirts - Polo shirts of any color or with designs, with sleeves of any length, with at least 2 buttons and no more than 4 buttons and that fit loosely and fall below the waistband of the pants and/or skirts are the only shirts to be worn. Any visible midriff will result in student’s parents being called to bring an appropriately fitting polo. The student will be unexcused from class(es) until the appropriate shirt arrives and the student will be assigned to detention. All SI team and club polo shirts are acceptable. Any polo shirts that represent drug, alcohol and/or tobacco products, or other unacceptable organizations are not acceptable. The collar of the polo shirt must be visible at all times, even when worn under a sweater.

Pants/Walking Shorts - All pants must be clean, neat and properly fitting. Excessively tight-fitting pants or loose pants are not appropriate for school attire and may not be worn. Blue jeans of any kind are not permitted, athletic wind pants, sweatpants, workout pants and pajama pants are not appropriate school attire and may not be worn. Any style of pants/shorts/capris are acceptable with shorts being within four inches of the middle of the kneecap. Athletic shorts are not allowed. Any pants/shorts that have holes, patches, that are not hemmed or have ragged hems are inappropriate for school and may not be worn.

Outerwear: The collar of the polo shirt must be visible at all times. Any type of sweatshirt and sweater are allowed as long as the collar of the polo is visible at all times. Logos, designs, etc., that represent drug, alcohol and/or tobacco products or other unacceptable organizations are inappropriate and violate school policy. Sweatshirt hoods may not cover the head while indoors.

Skirts and Dresses - Skirts of any color or pattern may be worn with a polo shirt/polo sweater top. Skirts that are too tight or that do not fall below the knee are not acceptable attire for school. Dresses may be worn at any time as long as they are modest in their design; no plunging necklines/backs and they must have sleeves or be worn with a covering that has sleeves. Excessive slits, sheer fabrics and tight-fitting skirts or dresses are inappropriate for school and may not be worn.

Footwear - Shoes must be worn at all times.

Hair - The hair must be clean, combed and styled neatly. Distracting hairstyles are inappropriate and students will be asked to wear a hairstyle more appropriate for the school setting. Inappropriate hairstyles will be left to the discretion of the Deans. Unnatural coloring, streaking, bleaching, dying or highlighting is considered distracting and is inappropriate for school. Facial hair is not allowed. Unshaven students will be asked to shave, charged a fee of one dollar for the disposable razor and assigned detention.

Head Gear - Hats, caps, hoods, visors, scarves, and sports headbands are not allowed to be worn or to be held inside school premises, before, during or after school -- this includes both lunch hours. This includes from the Jesuit Residence to the foyer of the North Gym complex. Students in violation of this policy will have the head covering confiscated.

Jewelry - Excessive jewelry is not allowed. Multiple body piercing sites are distracting. Students are limited to 2 earrings per ear. Nose, tongue, lip, navel and eyebrow rings are not allowed. Jewelry that interferes with classroom performance and behavior is not allowed. Students who violate this rule will be asked to remove the excess jewelry. Detention will be assigned.

Make-up – Excessive or distracting make-up is unacceptable. Students will be asked to remove the offensive make-up.

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