01/25/05 - posted by Jerry
Much like 9-11 I suspect most people remember where they were the moment they first expierenced these national tradegies. I myself was sitting at my desk on the third floor of St Emydius school, it was shortly after recess I beleive as we had just returned to our classroom. Our nun (for reasons unrelated to this I have forgotten most of the names of the nuns)walked into the classroom with the most ashen and shocked look I had to that time ever seen on someones face. In a trembling voice she told us that President Kennedy has been shot. I remember looking out the window and wondering why God still let the sun shine, grayness soon followed however. As young 12yr kids we all admired the very first Catholic president, it felt as though the shock was not only to our country, it seemed especially painful because he was "our" president.
We were sent home early and I went home and continued to watch the grainy black and white newsreports as the rest of my family gathered. I remember the deep feeling of desperation as each update would come in, wishing and praying somehow against all odds that he would survive, and then he did not. It was a very consuming feeling, that first horrific senseless tradgedy in a young kids life, how can you stop it make it somehow change, and you come to accept that you cannot.
We did a report on the life of JFK shortly thereafter. I still have that report with drawings and newspaper clippings. I was not a very good student-on a good day- but I did get an A on that report.
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