SF TV from 1948 to - ?

09/14/06 - posted by Merry - merrywriter<at>hotmail.com

Thank you thank you, from remembering Dr. Ross Dog food is dog-gonegood presented by Myrtle the dog [in a chair right?] and Frank? O?Hurley. The dog's name was definetly Myrtle.

Now how 'bout this one? - "Plunk your magic twainger Froggie." "Hi-ya kids, Hi-ya.' Was ths 'Froggie the Gremlin' on the Buster Brown show on Saturday mornings first on radio then on TV? When the fog rolled in and it was too stinging cold to go out to play on Saturdays, I remember this [well snippets].

I also remember I was 5 when 'Rama of the Jungle' was on at night, I was suppose to be in bed and I came out when my parents were watching this - just in time to see a tiger jump out of the jungle right at me. I wet my pants. The pig became my favorite animal on the merry-go-round at the zoo because of that tiger.

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