Re: SF TV from 1948 to - ? Froggy & Mad

09/15/06 - posted by Merry

Bill Gates once said all of human knowledge will be on the internet and that sure is happening. When Ken gave us the website to 1950's Plunk Your Magic Twainger Froggy, voila! - there was that endearing rebel-rouser.

However Froggy was not only an insurgent on Andy's Gang, he is also blamed for causing the protest movement of the '60's and I quote: "Froggy's disrespectful behavior towards adults, which he demonstrated on every show, influenced the kids who were watching him and those kids grew up to become the protesting college students of the sixties who likewise showed disrespect towards their elders."

Since God knows how many Frisco kids listened to the program and saw it on TV, here's the seminal "bad seed," and to think, it all started as far back as 1944 in radio (slightly before the Boom[ers]) with Smiling Ed MCConnell and ran thru our childhood to nearly the 60's on TV. Tres entrenched. Merci Froggy.

I guess I had been myopic: I thought Mad Magazine was to blame. I remember that I would go to the drug store [name?] weekly on West Portal to buy the newest Mad. My favorite issue was the 1959 take-of on cars - what a year. That picture and the name of Kiddy-Lac has always stuck in my mind. Mad articles were not only protests, or not even necessarily so, but "disrespect towards elders" was a good point of the magazine. Thanks "Al."

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