09/26/02 - posted by William
YES there was a pet store - it was there I believe thru the 70s and into the 80s. In the mid-70s we purchased our one and only family dog there (a rather mean but much loved beagle). For a little neighborhood pet store, it seemed to specialize in pure-breed dogs and cats. Always had kittens and puppies in the window. The only other pet store in the vicinity that sold larger animals was Dr Pet Center in Stonestown, and rumour always was Dr Pet Center was gross and dirty and horrible in the basement. If I recall correctly, the pet shop in WP ("West Portal Pet Shop" perhaps?) moved in the eighties a block or two away before closing for good.

There was a French bakery, it also existed into the eighties, and they had the best croissants around. Actually, that was the first place I ever had one, so maybe that affected my esteem for their goods.

There was a "European Bakery" out in the avenues, down around 40th on Taraval, that rocked. Changed hands at some point and, while still perhaps going by the name "European Bakery," it became your garden variety do-nut shop.

Did you know the pet shop owner? Were you one of the legion of kitten/puppy window shoppers always gathering in front, or did you ever actually come to have a pet from that store? As I recall, the owner was very nice.

Are you still in West Portal?
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