10/07/02 - posted by chris
the pet store was owned by art...who was still working in west portal, in real estate(?), two years ago. he'd been in the location by the restaraunt since i was in st. brendan's in the early 60's. he moved further down west portal due to an unreasonable rent increase...and until plain jane's arrival the property remained vacant. art gave my mom a wonderful cocker spaniel shortly after my father died...and that gift improved the quality of her life for many years.

prior to art having the pet shop, there were two in west portal. one had parrots setting out front...and in the 50's they had a monkey. the monkey's cage was set on fire by vandals one day. the monkey survived but became psychotic. the other shop was near carlotta's toy village, when the toy village was by eazy freezy...and it had a bad reputation.

there was an excellent, very small, french restaurant near eazy freezy in the early 70's.
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