02/10/03 - posted by Sylvia Tatro (Estie)

I remember West Portal very well.
I grew up at 16th ave and Ulloa.
My friends and I would roller skate there just for something to do in the late 40's and early 50's. We would always check our Carlotta's , the Eazy Freezy, the "Dime store", and the pet store. Shaw's had the absolute very best Rocky Road ice cream ever. When I was older, and not roller skating down the sidewalk, we spent our weekends as the movies. Friday nite was the Parkside, Saturday afternoon was the Empire and Sunday afternoon was the ElRey
I don't remember any of those theaters as being unruly. The ushers, with their flashlights, kept everyone on order. But that was "back in the day"......

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