02/09/04 - posted by Jim Hicks
Way back in the late 30's, I remember a Shumates Drug store on the corner across from the Empire. There was a record store next to it. There was a greek restaurant up in the first block and also a big flower shop and nursery. These were on the same side of the street as the Empire. The name of one market was the DaLite. In the middle of the second block there used to be a miniture golf course. It was torn up to make room for a little courtyard and a fancy restaurant was built. There was a small candy shop just up from the Empire. They had a small soda fountain and made the best fried egg sandwiches. On friday nights I would go the Empire and after the show help the guy change the marque. I would get a free pass for the matinee for my help handing him letters.
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