05/06/09 - posted by Jo Anne Q.
When my St. Cecilia's Class of 1960 was gearing up for our 2006 reunion, we had email (which we did not have for our 1985 reunion). Among the e-conversations were a bucketful of memories about the 1957 earthquake, which I saved to an E-Journal. Can't cut and paste them here...I'd be dead of advanced age before I could finish, and you'd be dead of advanced age before you could read them all!
I recall that the SF Gate's Lea Garchik wrote a March, 2007 article on the 50th anniversary of that quake. As a result, there was an outpouring of recollections from readers, many whom were in grade school and high school at the time, and another article followed. You can find all by searching the SF Gate's Full Archives under "1957 Earthquake."
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