03/10/07 - posted by Joan Leslie
I own a house on 25th avenue btwn Noriega and Ortega. It was completed in 1939. The name "Costello" is scrawled on our redwood supports. On the block there are original homeowners who say they purchased their homes from the Costello family ($5000 each home, a $50 down payment). Does any one know anything about these homebuilders?

Adding to my mini-mystery, in 1982 after college, I rented my first apartment from a Mr. Costello at 1825 Noriega. Additionally, the Costello family owned the empty lot on 25th and Noriega. According to my neighbors, it was never developed because of estate-dispute/tax problems. It has since been sold and seems to be pending condo/retail development.

Who were the Costellos?

My house is beautiful. The parquet floors are exquisite...the design is Escher-like, with repeating octagons lovingly pieced together by hand.
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