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Defining the Doggie

Anna L. Conti

Artists must follow their muse, and Anna L. Conti, a Sunset resident, has followed hers in odd directions.

The Doggie Diner head outside the Carousel diner has been the object of much veneration the past few years, and Anna has done her part by creating evocative and surrealistic paintings with the Doggie as subject.

When plans began to save the Doggie after its April Fool's Day fall, Anna sold many of her hound paintings as a benefit for the restoration. The lovable canine head is regularly juxtaposed with flatware, exotic cultural icons, and electric colors in Anna's work.

You can see of "the head" (as well as other art) at Anna's site.

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Images: 1) Anna L. Conti with Doggie, May 31, 2001 (David Gallagher); 2) "Doggie Mandala, Red" (Anna L. Conti); 3) "Doggie, Eclipsed" by Anna L. Conti.

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