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Queenie and Alex Dennis

Queenie and Alex Dennis have raised four children and been active in the neighborhood since 1971. In May of 2003, they sat down for a brief interview with their tai chi classmate Maria Picar to record some of their memories. Originally from India via East Africa, the Dennis's have a unique perspective on life in the OMI, but also hold opinions many people likely share:

Queenie: "When we were growing up, if I can compare the schools today as to what it was when we were growing up, they were very strict and we didn't have as much freedom as our kids have today. But the one part I like, when we were growing up we had more--what do you call it--discipline. The kids were very well behaved."

On OMI changes: Queenie: "I've noticed that they have, like, especially Ocean Avenue has been a big change. It's more safer to be moving around there, and with all the improvements going on, planting of all these huge trees, palm trees, I think it has brought a lot of essence." Alex: "Life! Life!"

On OMI people: (Like many couples who have been married for a long time, Alex and Queenie can switch off talking very nimbly!) Alex: "They're very friendly." Queenie: "Everyone is very friendly." Alex: "We are very happy with the people." Queenie: "Very happy with our neighborhood." Alex: "Different diverse community. [...] The best thing about the OMI and all this, it is a meeting place, you meet with people, they're very friendly and they're doing their best..."

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Images: 1) Queenie and Alex Dennis, September 2003. (WNP photo)

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