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First Doelger Home Found

October 6, 1954 article about first Doelger home. Address is wrong---should be 1427 39th Avenue! - San Francisco News

Doelger Brothers built over 17,000 houses in the Sunset and Richmond Districts and all over Westlake in Daly City. But it looks like we've found their first. A San Francisco News article from October 6, 1954 identified the original "Doelger" as 1427 - 36th Avenue, apparently disproving speculation a few years ago (including in the New York Times) that the first Doelger-built home was 1419 - 39th Avenue.

But wait a minute! There's no house at 1427 - 36th Avenue, which is the green open-space side of the block along Sunset Boulevard.

Further research showed the newspaper blew the address. According to city directories, Mr. and Mrs. Al Boudou lived at 1427 - 39th Avenue in 1954.

So we're back to 39th Avenue, just a few doors up the street from where we thought. Rob Keil, who was tipped to the News article by Henry Doelger's son, confirmed that the photo matches the new address.

First Doleger house? 1427 - 39th Avenue. Love live Doelger Days!

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