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Forest Hill Broadsheet

This is a re-creation of a flyer printed by the Newell-Murdoch Company some time at the early development of the Forest Hill residence park (1912). It's geared toward purchase in Forest Hill as an investment, but provides an excellent example of how residence parks were promoted in this era: an emphasis on a connection to Nature (with decorative embellishments), and a sense of exclusiveness (including intolerance of non-Caucasians).

The most talked of residence park in California

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(Looking along DeSoto Avenue in Forest Hill, South Entrance at the Left--Grand Stairway at the right)

Forest Hill as an Investment

Forest Hill, the highly developed acquisition gained by San Francisco's most exclusive residence district, offers today the best and safest investment to be had in California--both for the home builder who seeks distinctive exclusiveness and the wise investor who invests his money where the future will bring the greatest results.

Millions have been made in high-class, restricted residence tracts before--it was done at Claremont, at Piedmont and at Thousand Oaks, where land has reached the $100 a foot mark.

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With the tunnel operating and houses building, Forest Hill will be the finest place in San Francisco to live in. At present the best residence property in the city brings $500 to $1000 per foot. If Forest Hill will bring only $250 per foot the investor will make 300% on the full purchase price.

Winding boulevards, terraced stairways, and attractive works of art, such as urns, vases and benches and a profusion of multicolored flowers supplemented by natural beauties, make Forest Hill, today--the most talked of residence park in California.

There are resrictions that safeguard the person of taste and refinement who seeks exclusiveness. There are no Mongols, Africans or "shack builders" allowed in Forest Hill. When a man selects a homesite in this tract it is done with the positive assurance that there will be nothing disagreeable to mar the serenity of the most fastidious.

More than two hundred representative San Franciscans have already bought and will start to build their homes as soon as the tract is thrown open to builders. When building operations begin values will naturally increase to an amazing degree.

When the Twin Peaks Tunnel is completed you will go from the downtown district direct to Forest Hill in ten to twelve minutes, then values will soar still higher.

That is the time the investor will reap his harvest. but you must buy now to make the profit then.

Forest Hill Broadsheet

Remember that Forest Hill is fully embellished with all the details that make it an artistic success; remember that the 200 purchasers are those who will build nothing but the highest class homes; remember that transportation is now under way to bring Forest Hill within 12 mlnutes of Powell & Market Streets.

Forest Hill Broadsheet image

Remember that San Francisco is growing fast; all these things are worth remembering. Think them over carefully. If you desire an exclusive homesite--choose Forest Hill; if you are an investor, remember that the near future will bring you hundreds per centum on your money. Over $800,000 worth of lots already sold. Forest Hill is a success now. Whether or not you are immediately interested as a homebuilder or an investor, a visit to this charming property gives all the delights of a trip to the country, yet Forest Hill is in the center of San Francisco's residence district. Come out and see the beautiful, winding boulevards, the works of art, the terrace effects; come out and enjoy the glorious sunshine and the pure, fresh air.

If you drive a motor car, drive through Golden Gate Park on South Drive to the Seventh Avenue entrance, then south on Seventh Avenue past Lake Honda to Dewey Boulevard.

The Hayes-9th Avenue Car, No. 6 goes direct to Forest Hill

Forest Hill Broadsheet - Newell-Murdoch

Newell - Murdoch Company 30 Montgomery Street

General City Real Estate. Spencer Grant, Manager. Selling. Leasing. Insurance.

Specialists in business properties, hotels, apartment houses and industrial locations

Images: All from the Newell-Murdoch flyer. Courtesy of the Society of California Pioneers.

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