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Ocean View Park Brochure

Ocean View Park Pamphlet

(Published about 1914)

A City's Preparation for 1915

Published by J.W. Wright & Co., 228 Montgomery St., San Francisco, California

Ocean View Park
The Gem of Subdivisions in San Francisco

The Exposition City

The City that Knows How

On an air line from Market Street through Twin Peaks Tunnel. 15 minutes from the Civic Center.

(Photo caption)
Ocean View Park property, showing its wide macadamized streets, concrete sidewalks and general outline. This tract has all modern improvements and conveniences, making it, with its superb location, a high-class subdivision thoroughly desirable for artistic homes.

The regular Mission street and Ocean View cars, with five-minute service, are now only two and a half blocks away.

Then there is the Tunnel, which is already having its influence, and which will put values on the jump when opened.

Ocean View Park Plat

All the streets in OCEAN VIEW PARK are macadamized and broad cement sidewalks, artistically parked, have been laid. Curbs and gutters are in.

There is an unlimited supply of the finest water, which has been piped to every lot.

(Photo caption)
Sweeping view of the Merced Lakes and Pacific Ocean from Ocean View Park. The City is now preparing to buy the entire holdings of the Spring Valley Water Company, including these lakes and wooded lands, which it is proposed to convert into a Public Park.

This splendid scenic tract is just across the Boulevard from Ocean View Park, and with its natural beauties is considered the most picturesque and inspiring spot in San Francisco. Its total area of wooded and grass covered slopes is over 2,833 acres, and its shimmering lake surface covers 350 acres.

(Photo caption)
San Francisco Golf and Country Club grounds, a quarter of a mile north of Ocean View Park on the Boulevard. these magnificent club grounds make all surrounding property superior and add much to their value.

Terms and Restrictions
We have made the selling terms of OCEAN VIEW PARK lots the easiest. You get a lot by paying 10 per cent down and $10 a month. There will be no taxes until all is paid.
Ninety days' extension of payments during illness of when out of employment.
Prices are $225 and up, including all these improvements.
Reasonable restrictions are imposed. No structure costing less than $1000 can be erected and all undesirable residents and institutions are shut out. This will be a home tract of the best class.

(Photo caption)
One of the pretty cottages that have been built in Ocean View Park. A home like this can be acquired here on payments that you are now making for rent. Our easy terms make it possible for every one to own his own home.

(Photo caption)
Automobile Boulevard. A portion of the Exposition Scenic Boulevard connecting with Sloat and Dewey Boulevards and the Great Highway, and running along the entire frontage of Ocean View Park.

Property near by that is no better has been sold at much higher prices than we ask and on less liberal terms.

We give a perfect deed, including a McEnerny title.

Almost anybody can acquire a choice lot under our terms and prices and endure no hardship.

Money deposited in bank will earn you but small interest. By buying here you will double or treble your investment.

(Photo caption)
Bell Avenue, one of the streets of Ocean View Park, and a few of its homes recently built by purchasers, who, after looking at other parts of the City, found this the most desirable section, for a home and the most profitable for investment.

With property advancing the way it is and will in San Francisco, the sooner you buy the greater will be your profit.

The OCEAN VIEW PARK subdivision lots are going up steadily right now.

OCEAN VIEW PARK is as fine a residence site as there is in San Francisco. Business streets will also develop here. The lot you buy may become extremely valuable as a business lot.

OCEAN VIEW PARK has all the advantages that go to make the best values. The tunnel will be its crowning development feature, but the effect of the tunnel will be felt on values every day it is building.

Real estate prices within a radius of twenty minutes from Third and Market streets range from $100 to $400 per front foot. OCEAN VIEW PARK is within the same radius from Third and Market streets, and with its superior location, the world of activity in the immediate vicinity, improvements, easy terms and the prices we are asking for OCEAN VIEW PARK lots now, which are about one-tenth of the prices mentioned above, should be the Mecca for the shrewd real estate buyer.

Own something in San Francisco while you can and be a participant in the flood of wealth the rise in realty will bring.

Call and see us about OCEAN VIEW PARK lots, or go out and see this property and secure one of the lots at once from our resident agent on the tract.

Ten Dollars Secures a Lot!
There are only a limited number of lots in OCEAN VIEW PARK and it is necessary for you to act promptly to get one. If you are out of town and cannot come and see these lots at once, fill out the coupon below and send it so us with a $10 money order, payable to J.W. Wright & Co., and it will secure for you one of the best unsold lots, which we will hold thirty days subject to your approval.

Image credits: Cover and Plat map of Ocean View Park (turned on its side with East on top and West below); J.W. Wright & Co., Courtesy of the San Francisco Library.

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