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Outside Lands Podcast Episode 136: Playland at the Beach (Repodcast)

To dovetail with this year's Playland theme for the WNP 2022 Gala, we present a repodcast of our Playland at the Beach episode with Woody & David as your hosts. Even nearly 50 years since its demise, there's still a fascination for the long lost amusement area. And OpenSFHistory.org has pictures galore for your viewing pleasure: https://bit.ly/OpenSFPlayland
- May 7, 2022

Outside Lands Podcast Episode 136: Playland at the Beach (Repodcast) Outside Lands Podcast Episode 136: Playland at the Beach (Repodcast)

(above) Playland, circa 1930

Pedestrians on Great Highway near Balboa; looking north to Sutro Heights and Cliff House
Whitney Brothers

On the Map (click marker for larger map)
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