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Outside Lands Podcast Episode 68: Haight Street Grounds

Angus Macfarlane returns to tell us about when some of the greatest baseball players of the nineteenth century played along Stanyan Street across from San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Also, the first Big Game!
Outside Lands San Francisco Podcast - Apr 26, 2014

Outside Lands Podcast Episode 68: Haight Street Grounds Outside Lands Podcast Episode 68: Haight Street Grounds

(above) View from Mt. Sutro, 1894

Haight Ashbury; Cole Valley; Haight Street Grounds baseball field, aka California League Grounds or League Grounds (On Stanyan, between Frederick and Waller, 1887-1895); Golden Gate Park Panhandle, cable car lines, and rare (only?) view of Laguna Seca.[6516]
Isaiah West Taber

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