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Powell-Wolff Fight, July 4, 1906

Originally appeared in the Winter 2006 Western Neighborhoods Project newsletter

WNP member Emily Powell is the proud daughter of legendary San Francisco prizefighter Lew Powell. She sent us this great panorama of the first boxing match to take place after the 1906 Earthquake and Fire. Promoters set up the outdoor ring near the beach below the Cliff House in the area known as Mooneysville and by some as "Coney Island Beach". The expressions on the faces of the crowd, their clothing and hats, bring a real sense of place and time. Not a female in sight! Looks like a place you might want to keep a good hold of your wallet.

Powell, with the arrow drawn over his head (click on the image for a larger version), was scheduled to fight Willie Wolff for 30 rounds, but knocked out his opponent in three. Thank you Emily.

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