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Sundial Brochure

The Urban Realty Improvement Co. published the following brochure to publicize the Ingleside Terraces development. Likely it came out in early 1914, with its references and images from the dedication ceremony for the sundial on October 10, 1913. The small pamphlet may have been handed out to Pan-Pacific International Exposition Fair goers, and was likely reprinted at least once. (There are references in the text to color images, which aren't in this edition.)

Sundial detail

Today, the pamphlet provides a fascinating view of real estate marketing, fashion, and ceremony as it was ninety years ago.

Margie Whitnah, a WNP member, was kind enough to loan us this family treasure so that we could scan the images, transcribe the text and share it with you! Thanks Margie!

Sundial at Ingleside Terraces Cover
--- Inside Cover (Gates image)
--- Pages 2-3 (Time)
--- Pages 4-5 (Sundials)
--- Pages 6-7 (Ingleside Terraces Sundial)
--- Pages 8-9 (Sundial park)
--- Page 10 (Columns)
--- Page 11 (More Columns)
--- Pages 12-13 (Dedication ceremony)
--- Pages 14-15 (More Dedication ceremony)
--- Page 16 (Ingleside Terraces tract map)
--- Page 17 (City map)
--- Pages 18-19 (Plea to families)
--- Pages 20-21 (Benefits)
--- Pages 22-23 (Transportation, Prices)
--- Pages 24-25 (Large home and floor plan)
--- Pages 26-27 (Medium home and floor plan)
--- Pages 28-29 (Smaller home and floor plan)
--- Pages 30-31 (Smallest home and floor plan)
--- Page 32 (Urban Realty Staff and Board)
--- Back Cover

Images: Brochure published by the Urban Realty Improvement Co. in 1913. Courtesy of Margie Whitnah (a WNP member)

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