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St. Francis Wood Sales Pamphlet

This series of twelve reasons to buy in St. Francis Wood was issued by Mason-McDuffie and Baldwin & Howell in newspapers in 1912. A complete sales pamphlet was issued with the reasons. Thanks to the West Portal Branch of the San Francisco Public Library for making the material available to copy.


  1. "Central Location"
  2. "Unequaled Transportation"
  3. "Protecting Restrictions"
  4. "Highest Class Improvements"
  5. "Architectural Embellishments"
  6. "Community Features"
  7. "Panoramic View"
  8. "City Conveniences"
  9. "St. Francis Home Association"
  10. "Landscape Design"
  11. "Unmatched Investment"
  12. "Real Homes for San Franciscans"
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