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1906 earthquake cottages

Kirkham Shacks Heroes

The saving of the earthquake refugee cottages formerly on Kirkham Street in the Sunset District, couldn't have been done without a long list of heroes. We can't do enough to recognize the efforts of these wonderful people, organizations and businesses.

Reed Walker of Ryan & Associates was the catalyst for the drive to save the Kirkham shacks. When we were just trying to document their passing, he walked up one day and pledged to save them. Reed rallied fellow carpenters and Bay Area companies to donate their labor, and attended numerous meetings with local agencies to coordinate the move and negotiate the shacks a new home. A huge thanks to Reed and to his family for putting up with all the time he donated to the cause!

Reed Walker

Jeff and Ron Reich, the original owners of the Kirkham shacks, waited over two years for the shacks to move. Along the way they had persistent squatter problems, earned no income on a very expensive piece of San Francisco property, and had to endure the constant worry that this whole thing wouldn't happen, some squatter would set an accidental fire, some kid would wander on the site and get hurt, etc... They stuck with us for the sake of San Francisco history and even donated money to the cause. Their representative, Ridge Greene of RGM and Associates, was from the beginning a steadfast believer that an arrangement to save these buildings could happen and showed up dedicatedly for meetings and media events with terrific optimism.

Ridge Greene

Jane Cryan is the world's expert on earthquake refugee cottages and the original "shack savior." She rescued the Goldie Shacks, now in the Presidio, and her years of dedication to the research, preservation, and surveying of shacks created city landmark #171 and made the Kirkham shack rescue possible. She came out of retirement from the shack business to speak passionately on behalf of "the Kirkies" to city agencies and reporters for us. Whenever we needed her expertise she was there. Thanks Jane!

Jane Cryan

Bluewater Services Inc. sent an entire team of experts out for three days to remove hazardous siding and other materials from the Kirkham shacks free of charge. If that wasn't enough, they donated a 40-yard debris box for last-minute site clean-up. Thanks to Dan Cross and the entire Bluewater organization! Bluewater Services Web site: http://www.bwserv.com/

Bluewater working

Recology Sunset Scavenger Company immediately agreed to donate the use of two debris boxes when we asked for them. What we didn't know was we really ended up needing four! Thanks to Sunset for coming through for us. An old San Francisco company and also a great one! Sunset Scavenger Web site: http://www.sunsetscavenger.com/

Sunset Scavenger

Sheedy Drayage did what few other companies could. They came in and professionally, safely, moved four pieces of San Francisco history. Without Sheedy this project simply couldn't have happened. Sincerest thanks to Richard Battaini and his crew: Ron Macaire, Teamster Local 85, Clint Curtis, Teamster Local 85, Tobin Vannier, Operating Engineers Local 3 and Ed Robison, Ironworkers Local 378. Sheedy's Web site: http://www.sheedycrane.com/

Sheedy Move

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