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Splendid Inn

1930s photo of Uncle George in front of the Playland restaurant located at the corner of Fulton Street and Great Highway., 1930 -

Pete Batanides' grandparents, Pete and Antonia Eliopolous, bought a new house on the 700 block of 48th Avenue in the Richmond District in 1921. All the better to operate a business that stayed in the Eliopolous and Batanides families from 1921 until 1967.

The "Splendid Inn" stood on the corner of Fulton Street and Great Highway, serving waffles, hot dogs, ice cream, and peanuts to the hoards of Playland visitors.

Thanks to Mr. Batanides for sharing the photo. If you have photographs of the Splendid Inn, let us know. If you have memories of it to share, post them on our Your Stories message board.

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