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Saving Stories

In 1986, Mary Ada Williams published a small book of stories about her husband's life growing up on 32nd Avenue. "Parkside Pranks and Sunset Stunts" was a warm tribute to the late Charles Williams, with tales both comic and tragic, and brought to life a time when horses and vegetable gardens dominated the neighborhood.

In 1990, "More Parkside Pranks and Sunset Stunts" came out, featuring the memories of Charlie Williams' old friend, George Stanton. Following is a short excerpt from the original volume. We're hoping to get permission to bring you more of these wonderful vignettes.

Real Movies in Parkside

There was great excitement in Parkside when it was learned that moving pictures would be made in the sand dunes. One of the locations for shooting the movie pictures was the district which is now known as West Portal.

It was here that all the boys and girls of Parkside and surrounding area gathered around to see Hobart Barnsworth act in the movie entitled "On the Desert's Edge." [Editor's note: We think Ms. Williams was mixing up Bronco Billy Anderson with Hobart Bosworth.]

As if by magic, palm trees appeared in the sand dunes. The palm trees had really been cut down and stuck in the sand. This gave a very convincing desert atmosphere.

Although the young people did not quite understand what was going on, they felt they were special to be among those present in those early days of movie making.

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