Odd Fellows Cemetery Administration building on Point Lobos Road - Courtesy of a private collector

Odd Fellows Cemetery

Opened: November 19, 1865

Location: Bounded by Geary, Turk, Parker and Arguello Streets (30 acres).

Closed: Bodies moved in 1929-1935 to Greenlawn Cemetery in Colma, California.

All that remains of the cemetery founded on the western slopes of Lone Mountain is the Columbarium, a magnificent repository for cremated remains still in business today (run by the Neptune Society).

A Greek cemetery, close to the current intersection of Stanyan and Golden Gate, was accessed through the Odd Fellows ground until the bodies were moved to the Golden Gate Cemetery. (Although the removal of the bodies may not have been done with the greatest of care. See the 1899 story, "A Neglected Graveyard", on Ron Filion's site for more.)

Odd Fellows Cemetery and Lone Mountain from the Columbarium - Isaiah West Taber photograph

The land, exempting the five-acre plot surrounding the Columbarium, was developed into commercial and residential lots. A large section was used for a public park and pool named after former mayor Angelo Rossi. In the image at the bottom of this page you'll see workman digging on this site the day after Christmas, 1933. Roosevelt Middle School, Temple Emanu-el and the Columbarium are all visible in the distance.

Leveling of Rossi Park by Civilian Conservation Corps on the former site of the Odd Fellows Cemetery, December 26, 1933 - Courtesy of a private collector
Leveling of Rossi Park by Civilian Conservation Corps on the site of the former Odd Fellows Cemetery, December 26, 1933. - Courtesy of a private collector.
Odd Fellows Cemetery with French Hospital in the background - Courtesy of a private collector

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